Real Estate Appraisal

Request for appraisal

Flow of Appraisal work

Flow of Appraisal work

Basic Policy for Orders Received

When receiving a request for appraisal services, the following types of operation requests are considered as inappropriate, so please note that this is not possible to accept these requests.
In addition, we may abandon carrying out our duties even when it is found to be applicable.

  • Request for appraisal in which it is deemed difficult to conduct an appropriate appraisal considering the nature, number of requests, and duration of appraisal of the subject property in consideration of our organization, personnel, abilities, experience, etc.
  • Request for appraisal such as designation of value and calculation until the desired value
  • Request for appraisal based on the conditions and presentation of materials that do not satisfy the provisions of the Real Estate Appraisal Standards and Real Estate Appraisal Standards, as well as the Practical Guidelines and Guidelines formulated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
  • Request for appraisal that may undermine the social credibility of the real estate appraiser by accepting an order for the subject property or the subject property in cases where there is an interest, relationship, etc. between the real estate appraiser and a person who has an interest in the subject property.