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President and Representative Director
Hitoshi Kawafuji

As a real estate appraisal institution, Tanizawa Sogo Appraisal Co., Ltd. has built a strong track record by earning the confidence and support of our stakeholders. As an independent appraisal institution with many real estate appraisers, we have provided appraisal services from a fair and neutral standpoint to all clients. Recently, not only real estate but also the range of assets subject to valuation has been expanded.

Since the establishment of REIT in 2001, the Japanese real estate market has seen the spread of investment schemes linked to real estate and finance, and real estate in a variety of sectors, including offices, residences, commercial facilities, logistics facilities, hotels, and nursing/healthcare facilities. We have been in charge of the appraisal of a number of securitized properties since we participated in the appraisal of REIT in September 2001. We also specialize in proper asset appraisal from banks, appraisal from major insurance companies, real estate companies, and a variety of companies, as well as appraisal and consulting services for public organizations and development projects. Valuations of energy-related infrastructure and personal property have been increasing in recent years.

Corporations are constantly changing in response to social and economic fluctuations, business activities are becoming more global, and funds, people, and logistics continue to move across national borders. In addition to real estate appraisal services, we provide personal property valuation services, business and stock valuation services related to financial reporting in response to these needs. In addition, we have formed alliances with overseas valuation institutions to respond to overseas demand and have expanded our network worldwide.
Moreover, we have recently focused on values that cannot be expressed in monetary terms, and we are promoting Sakura Quality, which is the tourism quality certification business evaluating the safety, security, and hospitality of accommodation facilities such as hotels and ryokans, together with our affiliated companies.
We will focus on diverse values, and work with our affiliated companies, external scholars, and experts to respond to the increasingly globalized and complex economic trends and corporate trends, and become a valuation institution that can provide higher-quality, comprehensive information and services. We look forward to your continued support and guidance.